Week 2

Matched Betting Tutorials – Week 2 Guide


After completing week 1 of the matched betting tutorials you will now have a good understanding of bookmaker bonuses. The great thing is, we haven’t even scratched the surface. There are many more bookmaker sign up offers and promotions to take advantage of. Hopefully you are building up the balance in your betting exchange with profits from the first week. This will help you to go for the higher sign up bonuses.

For week 2 of the match betting tutorials, we shall be running you through more bookmaker offers for new customers. There will be some risk free casino offers and you will also learn how to prepare your bookmaker accounts to take advantage of reload offers at a later point.

Introduction into Mug Betting

Bookmakers are quite conscious about match betters and what we do. Obviously they are not keen on people taking up all of their offers without giving them any value back. So what we must do, is to place the odd bet here and there which don’t belong or relate to any offers. This fools the bookmakers in thinking you are the standard mug punter spending your last £10 on your favourite team! In fact, in the matched betting industry – these bets to fool the bookkeepers are called mug bets.

We will cover mug bets at later point in the match betting training, so don’t worry too much about this now, but just be aware that we will be helping you prepare your accounts for long term sustainable income!

In the meantime, crack on with the sign up bonuses:

Profit Accumulator