Skrill - Like PayPal for Bookmakers. Essentially makes Matched Betting easier when it comes to withdrawing money

Skrill – Speed up withdrawals and deposits

Skrill is a known as a moneybook and works in a similar way to Paypal. You can add money to your account and can transfer money backwards and forwards between bookmakers and your Skrill account.

One of the best features is that you can withdraw from bookies within hours rather than 3-5 days. This is ideal when you are running low in an exchange like betfair, but instead you have a lot of cash in the bookies. You can withdraw from the bookies then top up your Betfair account directly with Skrill.

Using this method will allow you to take advantage of more regular offers as your money is easily accessible. This will be worth setting up now in preparation for your regular offers.

Please note a lot of bookmakers do not allow you to do sign up offers when using Skrill. On this basis we would advise to try and use a bank card to do all sign up offers. After the sign up offers are complete, Skrill is fine to deposit thereafter.

Create your Skrill account here