Ladbrokes Exchange – Bet £100 get £25 Free Bet

Ladbrokes Exchange promotion for new customers who use their betting exchange. Bet through £100 and receive a £25 free bet

Ladbrokes Exchange new customer offer – Use £100 get £25

Ladbrokes Exchange Promotion

  • Ladbrokes Exchange Offer: Use £100 get £25
  • Free Bet: Credited within 72 hours
Estimated Profit: £20
Time Required: varies (see below)

Ladbrokes, like Smarkets and BetFair, are another exchange where you can lay off your bets. You will find that Ladbrokes’ odds aren’t as good as Smarkets or BetFair. They also charge 5% commission on transactions. With this sign up offer, you receive a free £25 bet once you’ve earned 4 commission points. 1 commission point is defined as winning or losing £25 in their exchange.

The best way forward to access this free bet is to use Ladbrokes as an exchange until you either win or lose a total of £100 in the exchange. The free bet will then be credited within 72 hours. If you find this offer similar to BetDaq this is because Ladbrokes purchased BetDaq a few years ago. They even use the same betting odds.

Cashing Out the Ladbrokes Exchange Promotion

You should already now have an account with Ladbrokes. To use their exchange, open up your account and transfer funds across to the exchange. Keep using this exchange until you entitled yourself to the free bet.

Unfortunately we do not have access to the exchange odds for Ladbrokes (or Betdaq). However, you will find that most bookmakers all offer very similar odds, so we would recommend using Betfair or Smarkets as a guide to finding good bets. You can then enter the real Ladbrokes exchange odds in the calculator.

When your free bet has been credited, it’s simply the case of cashing this out like we have previously. Find a high odds market, place the back bet with Ladbrokes Exchange, and lay the bet off with Betfair or Smarkets. We would advise against laying off the same bet on Ladbrokes as this may cause you to be gubbed. This type of activity is pretty clear to the bookmaker, that we are cashing out their free bet, risk free!

You should make around £20 from this bookmaker promotion.