Mug Betting

Mug Betting - Vital to keep your bookmaker accounts in good order, and to prevent you from being gubbed

Mug betting will help to avoid account gubbing by the bookmakers

Mug Betting – Being the Mug Punter

OK, so you’ve heard us talking about mug bets here and there. Placing mug bets is vital if you want to keep your accounts prepared for reload offers. In this tutorial you will some mug betting techniques. These mug bets you will be placing on the accounts you had opened in Week 1. This means that once completing the training and sign up offers, you will be able to take advantage of the bookmakers immediately. By not placing mug bets, expect your accounts to be gubbed very quickly. Kiss goodbye to those free bets!

For the first set of mug bets, we shall be “mugging” Coral, William Hill, Ladbrokes and SkyBet. These are good bookmakers that have good promotions. Other bookmakers such as 32Red and BetFred offer very few bonuses, and are not worth mugging as often.


What is a Mug Bet?

A mug bet is placed just like a typical qualifying bet, but this time there is no bonus to come. We may lose a few pence on each bet, however, the advantages of having these bookmakers open far outweigh the costs of mugging. The essence of a mug bet is to make the bookmaker think we are loyal customers. I.e. not just there to take advantage of their offers (which we are!). But if you put yourself in the mind of a “mug punter” they would usually bet on high profile matches such as:

  • Premier League games
  • Spanish / Italian Premier League
  • Champions League
  • International Matches etc.

On this basis, it would be good practice to place these sort of bets on your account.

If you want your account to appear even more “muggier” you could even bet on your favourite team week in / week out. Using this method means that your bets are restricted to one team. Nevertheless, this has a great advantage as the bookmaker would think you are a die hard football fan that bets on their favourite team week in / week out, no matter who the opposition.

How to Place a Mug Bet

To place a mug bet, open up the oddsmatching software and find a good match between the bookmaker and the exchange. Enter the amounts in the calculator to work out what your lay stake should be, place the back bet, and place the lay bet. I would advise the following amounts for each bookmaker at least twice a week if possible, but feel free to mug more or less, and also with varying amounts:

  • Coral – £15 – £25
  • SkyBet – £20 – £20
  • William Hill – £40
  • Ladbrokes – £15 – £25

Enough for mug betting in this session, we shall come back to this more in detail later. By following these simple steps, your accounts will be in perfect shape to take advantage of the reload offers later.