BetDaq Sign Up Offer -Bet £100 get £25

Betdaq - A betting exchange like Betfair and Smarkets where you can lay off back bets

Betdaq offer for new customers – Bet £100, get £25

Betdaq Sign Up Offer

  • Betdaq Offer Terms: Use £100 (win or lose) get £25
  • Free Bet: Credited within 72 hours
Estimated Profit: £20
Time Required: varies (see below)

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BetDaq, like Smarkets and BetFair, are another exchange where you can lay off your bookmaker bets. With this sign up offer, you receive a free £25 bet once you’ve earned 4 commission points. 1 commission point is defined as winning or losing £25 in their exchange. On this basis, the best way forward to access this free bet is to use BetDaq as an exchange until you either win or lose a total of £100 in the exchange. The free bet will then be credited within 72 hours.

Betdaq Odds

Unfortunately the Odds Matching page does not include Betdaq’s odds. But that being said you will usually find that all exchanges carry very similar odds, especially for popular games or races. On this basis, we would advise using the odds finder as normal and assuming Betdaqs exchange odds to be the same. You may find the odds have drifted, but this is not uncommon. To avoid the odds drift, we would recommend looking for popular games or markets where the odds are more stable.

Betdaq Free Bet

When using the free bet, you will have to find a manual match with another exchange. This may be the first time you’ve had to search for a matching bet yourself, but it’s not a big trouble. It’s simply the task of finding odds that are very similar. For free bets, you would also want to make sure the odds are reasonably high, between 4 and 7 is a good figure. Although you could go higher, or lower, if you want. Always test your results in the matched betting calculator.

Remember to try and find high odds to maximise your returns. This time when using the calculator to work out your lay stake, you will need to enter back commission of 5%. Place the free back bet with BetDaq and lay the bet off at another exchange.

You should make around £20 from this offer.