888Sport – Sign Up – Treble Odds – EV £15

888Sport - Sign up Offer - Treble the odds with the first bet placed

888Sport new customer offer – Treble the odds on the first bet

888 Sport Sign Up Offer

  • 888Sports Offer: Treble Odds on First Bet
  • Qualifying Bet Terms: £10 Maximum
  • Treble Odds:  If the bet wins, credited as a free bet within 72 hours
  • Notes: See below to guarantee profit
Estimated Profit: £15.00
Time required: 15-30 minutes

Open an account with 888 here and deposit £10


888Sport – Qualifying Bet

This offer with 888Sport is different to what we have done so far. It also takes a balance of around £300 – £400 in the exchange depending on the odds you select. This offer trebles your winnings on the first bet placed with free bets. So if you bet £10 on a match at odds of 3.0 that wins. You will receive £30 cash immediately, and another £60 in free bets within 72 hours. We can adjust our calculations to lock in around £15 profit no matter what happens.

Firstly load up the odds matching software, for this offer we would recommend odds in the region of 4.0 – 5.0. If you go higher you will make slightly more profit but you will require a much greater balance in the exchange to cash out the 888 Sport free bets. The method used to lock in our profits is to adjust the back stake in the calculator. For example if the back odds for our selection is 4.0, to work out the new odds we take away 1.0 (our stake), multiply by three, then add 1.0 back again. This would mean at original odds of 4.0, we would now enter 10.0.

Examples to calculate Adjusted Back Odds:

  • Original back odds = 2.5
    • New adjusted back odds (2.5 – 1) x 3 + 1 = 5.5
  • Original back odds = 3.0
    • New adjusted back odds (3 – 1) x 3 + 1 = 7.0
  • Original back odds = 3.5
    • New adjusted back odds (3.5 – 1) x 3 + 1 = 8.5

Once we have our adjusted back odds, process the first bet as normal, entering the higher back odds in the calculator using the normal method. When your placing the bet with 888, you will notice the back odds do not change, or treble according to their offer, this is fine. As long as this is the first time you have opened an account with 888 and it’s your first bet, they will credit the bets within 72 hours.


Free Bet

Finally, if your bet with 888 loses, you are finished here and can move onto the next offer, the profit has gone straight into your exchange. If the bet wins with 888Sports, wait for the free bets to arrive and lay them off as SNR using high odds where possible on good matches.