Building Your Bank

Accumulating your matched betting profits is essential for match betting. By building your bank balance you can target higher value bookmaker bonuses

Accumulating your Matched Betting Profits

Building your Bank Balance

Having completed a few bookmaker sign up promotions now, you’ve probably recognised that having a larger cash balance is beneficial. Moreover, building up your matched betting profits in the exchange can help maximise the returns you make on the free bets. It is highly recommended that you try and build up your bank balance or betting exchange balance. This larger balance essentially increases your betting leverage even more. Not only does this mean you can go for higher odds, but also more offers at the same time as well.

Dedicated Bank Account for your Matched Betting Profits

Some of our members have found it worthwhile opening a new bank account solely for matched betting. The co-operative bank, as an example, offer a free personal account which have the usual perks of free online banking, VISA debit card etc. Having a separate bank account for matched betting has the following advantages:

  • It keeps your matched betting business transactions separate from your personal transactions
  • It is easier to calculate your overall matched betting profits
  • It can be motivational to physically see your bank balance increase
  • By separating your cash from your personal funds, it can be easier to keep yourself organised

Preparing for the Reload Offers

Once completing all of the sign up offers and keeping the accumulated earnings in the bank, you will be in an excellent position. You will be able to tackle the majority of the regular promotions that bookmakers offer. Not only that, but this increased bank balance will help in more advanced promotions such as accumulator refunds. These are a major source of income for many matched betters. We will not discuss accumulator refunds until a later stage, but when we have covered more of the basics of matched betting. But don’t worry, we have yet to scratch the surface of the sign up offers, or even the potential of matched betting!