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First of all, we wish you a warm welcome to the Matched Betting Centre. This is a guide dedicated to help and assist eager individuals to get involved in the process of matched betting. Here you will find many simple tutorials guiding you through the different methods used to cash out the bookmaker bonuses.

By following our matched betting tutorials and guides right here, you should be able to make at least £1,500 by cashing out the bookmaker promotions without any risk (as long as you follow the instructions!). After you have completed the training you should be in an ideal position to make regular Tax free money, month in / month out with Profit Accumulator.

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What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting, also referred to as match betting or double betting, is a method used to make guaranteed profit from bookmaker bonuses and incentives. There are hundreds of online bookmakers fighting to get customers to place bets with them. One way they do this is by offering incentives and sports promotions, such as a sign on bonus. For example, Coral will offer a £20 free bet if you place a £5 bet with our own money. Using our simple methods and techniques, we will convert this into an easy £15 profit that will take less than fifteen minutes.

A quote from wikipedia regarding the process of matched betting. Click the image to read the full article on wikipedia.

Matched Betting has been seen quoted in The Guardian:

The Guardian endorsing matched betting as a risk free way to make money

A reporter from The Guardian finding the process of matched betting easier than they originally thought.

There are hundreds of sign up offers, all of which can be cashed out for profit. Our odds finder and bet calculator will also guarantee that you get the best value out of the free bets, maximising your profits. By following our matched betting tips, you will be sure to make easy money week in, week out.

Opening Offers (Sign Up Offers)

Learn more about matched betting and make Tax free money at the same time. We highly recommend you start with the Opening Offers. The tutorials are broken up week by week for simplicity. Every week has various tutorials showing you how to cash out different sign up offers. Furthermore you will find more general matched bettor advice, such as mug betting.


Week 1

You will discover the very basics of matched betting and what it involves. Areas that will be covered include:

  • The difference between a back bet and a lay bet
  • Qualifying bets and free bets will be explained
  • How betting exchanges work to protect against risk
  • How to convert from fractional odds to decimal odds. Decimal odds are used when match betting
  • An introduction into our Odds Finder software
  • An introduction into our Matched Betting Calculator
  • Various other matched betting tips


Week 2

Areas covered this week include:

  • How to profit from a risk free bonus offer, these are a popular bookmaker bonus
  • Why you should accumulate the profits and therefore your bank balance
  • Mug betting and why it is advised
  • Further matched betting tutorials

Week 3

By this week, you should have learned some very good matched betting techniques and should be able to profit from the majority of bookmaker bonuses offered. This week includes slightly more advanced methods:


Week 4

The final week of training covers the following:


Regular Reload Offers

Once you have completed the matched betting training, you should be ready to carry on with the regular reloads that we will share. This is where you will make ongoing profits, month in / month out.
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Tools and FAQs

As a matched bettor, it can be easy to lose your track, especially when you will be placing tens of bets each day. With our matched betting tools, you have all the help you need:

We supply our own free Matched Betting Calculator as well as an Odds Finder. Furthermore, our Matched Betting Spreadsheet will help you keep a track of your profits.

Matched betting is fun, it’s enticing, it’s guaranteed profit, it makes money! Like many things, it does have a slight learning curve, but nothing in life comes for free. This is a sure Tax free way to earn money working from home.


Professional Matched Betting Services

At the Matched Betting Centre, we only give you a rough guide of matched betting, and some guides you might find to be out of date as the bookmakers can update their offers occasionally. Should you want to jump right in with a more professional service, we would suggest either OddsMonkey or ProfitAccumulator. We have reviewed each platform against each other here for a more detailed comparison.