Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey Review

The two largest matched betting platforms are Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey. In this post we will compare the two platforms. Read our full review of OddsMonkey here to find out why we don’t recommend them.

Profit Accumulator v OddsMonkey
Service Profit Accumulator OddsMonkey Notes
Price p.m. £17.99 £15.00
Price p.a. £150.00 £150.00
Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes
Video Tutorials 40+ 23+
Unlimited Phone Support Yes No
Community Forum Yes Yes Profit Accumulator has more members so is more active
OddsMatching Software Yes Yes
On-the-fly Updates Yes No
Accumulator Software Yes Yes
Other Software Yes Yes
For Horse Racing 2nd Place Yes Yes OddsMonkey's is slower to update
Profit Tracker Yes No
Overall Rating 5.0 / 5.0 2.0 / 5.0
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The choice between the two? We prefer Profit Accumulator for the following reasons:

  • Oddsmonkey frequently miss out on signup and reload offers; which is the core offering of any matched betting serice. That means less profit available for its members.
  • Profit Accumulator has a much better horse racing software; Match Catcher. The odds update rapidly, much faster than the versions available on other sites, which is essential for these offers. It also lets you set alerts and filters.
  • Profit Accumulator’s new beta oddsmatcher updates its odds on the fly; whereas the software on OddsMonkey requires you to refresh to get new data.
  • Profit Accumulator has more video tutorials (that are more in depth).
  • Profit Accumulator has a much larger member base, and therefore a much more active forum.
    You cannot match the level of knowledge available on that forum anywhere else.

Check the below links for a more detailed analysis:

Profit Accumulator is, in our opinion, the best platform for matched betting. They focus on what matters; making the maximum profit from your matched betting as possible.