Laying your Bets with the Exchange sites

Guide to understanding the Exchange sites




The exchange sites work differently to your normal bookmaker sites, the reason for this is that the exchange sites give you the opportunity to back against an outcome. For example you can bet against Arsenal to win a match, if they lose or draw, your bet will win. This is why we use the exchange, so we can cover all possible outcomes and ensuring which ever even we are placing our bets on, we have all outcomes covered.

Another difference in the way the exchange sites operate is your liability is at risk, rather than your stake, lets use the following example to look at a bookmaker bet and exchange bet on the same event:

  • Bookmaker bet – If you put a £10 bet on with a normal bookmaker for Liverpool to win at odds of 4.0 and the bet wins, then you would get your £10 back and then £30 profit, so £40 in total. If the bet lost, you would get nothing back and lose your £10.
  • Exchange bet – If you placed a £10 lay stake to back against Liverpool on at the exchange at odds of 4.0 then you would have a liability (the amount you could lose) of £30, which means that if the bet wins, you get your liability back of £30, and £10 profit which was your stake, so £40 in total, if the bet loses, you would get nothing back and your liability of £30 would be your loss.

The above example should help you understand why we use the exchange, but don’t worry if you are still unsure as our calculator does all of the workings out for you and as you complete the offers, the logic will soon start to sink in.