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Profit Accumulator have been around for many years providing many many people with the knowledge and skills to make the most out of bookmaker bonuses. They are the leading matched betting service provider and the most popular with over 20,000 members. They also have the world’s most popular matched betting forum with over 30,000 members who help provide invaluable support and advice.

Profit Accumulator offer step by step training guides, video links and offer a wide range of support. Perhaps the value with Profit Accumulator however, lies in the matched betting forum. This is a thriving community of matched bettors all together making money from matched betting.


Profit Accumulator Training

Unlike the matched betting tutorials that we have here, Profit Accumulator have broken their training into Beginner Offers and Advanced Offers. But that being said, the offers are placed in order of ease to cash out, and the videos are simply great. Take time, and you will see how to cash out the bookmaker promotions right in front of your eyes. They really do make it look so easy (well it is easy really!).

Their tutorial videos are second to none. They take all the hard work out of matched betting and walk you through offers in the simplest way possible, making it easier and quicker for you to earn money.


Profit accumulator review

Profit accumulator review offers page


As you can see, the dashboard at Profit Accumulator is broken down to the following steps:

  • Sportsbook Signup Offers – This is where you start your matched betting journey
  • Casino Offers – Fairly standard and as you would expect
  • Reload Offers – This is where the regular money is to be made
  • Bingo Offers – Again, fairly standard
  • Training Archive – A shed load of matched betting training material
  • Platinum Forum – The ultimate of matched betting forums!
  • Help & Support – No surprises here


Matched Betting Pioneers :: Profit Accumulator
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Sportsbook Signup Offers

Your training at Profit Accumulator starts with the Sportsbook Signup Offers. These are very straight forward bookmaker promotions that are easy to complete – even for matched betting newcomers (more or less what you completed during week 1 of your matched betting tutorials here).

Your training will begin with a basic matched betting introduction followed by signup offers for Coral and Betfred. The great thing about Profit Accumulator is that you will find many videos, and the training is second to none. Furthermore, the forum is full of people ready to help you at any time.

Profit Accumulator - Matched Betting Training

Profit Accumulator – Beginner Offers

As you can see above, each section can be marked as complete, and also has an offer rating. This makes the whole training process very organised. It’s simply a case of logging in every day and crossing the offers off, step by step.


Advanced Offers

The advanced offers section follows a similar system, you’re encouraged to work through each section one by one.

The more complex match betting offers covered by Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator – Advanced Offers

It should take you about a month to work your way through the beginner and advanced offers. But if you’ve already completed the tutorials here, you would have covered 90% of the offers here.


Casino / Bingo Offers

A good mixture of various casino, games and bingo offers to cash out from. Not all of the promotions are guaranteed profit, but they can be fun to work through, and it’s not uncommon to hit a large win. One good example would be when we hit a £250 bonus from a £5 risk free offer with William Hill.


Reload Offers

This is where you will spending a lot of your time. It is essentially the regular offers that bookmakers offer to keep current customers enticed. Obviously we will use our previously learned techniques to cash all of these out risk free.

Profit Accumulators Reload Section - For the regular bookmaker promotions

Profit Accumulator – Reload Offers

As you have seen before, the offers are presented in a clean manner. You can simply mark the offers off as complete allowing you to keep organised and focused.


Training Archive

This is a very useful section as it holds all training material, this can be accessed at any time.

Profit Accumulator Training Archives

A comprehensive training suite at Profit Accumulator


Over 10,000 members at Profit Accumulator
Join the Matched Betting Community


Platinum Forum

If there’s any reason to be signed up to Profit Accumulator, the matched betting forum is it. Fact. The forum is absolutely buzzing with activity, from fellow matched bettors, to experience ACCA bettors, to administrators.

Profit Accumulator - matched betting community. Thousands of like minded individuals

Tens of thousands of like minded individuals in the Profit Accumulator forum


Any help, assistance or advice you need, you will find it here. You will find threads contributed by thousands of people on subjects such as:

  • How to make £1,000 per month, thread maintained daily by admin
  • How to keep bookmaker accounts open
  • Each offer has it’s own dedicated thread
    • This makes it ideal to discuss areas that you are unsure about
  • Accumulator training threads
  • Price boosts
  • Horse Racing Threads
  • MANY MANY More

We honestly can’t stress how useful this forum is, especially for new matched bettors. We found that we had so many questions to ask, but 99% of them have already been asked before.


Matched Betting Tools & Software

Odds Matching Software

Profit Accumulator have just finished developing a brand new Odds Matching software. Not only is it incredibly FAST and accurate, the odds also update on the fly, meaning that you don’t need to refresh the page to get the latest results. In addition, it offers direct links to the betting markets on the exchange and supported bookmakers; saving you time and effort.

The new software also covers more sports, more markets, and we’ve even heard that they’re planning to introduce the ability to place your bets with Betfair directly from the Profit Accumulator website.


Profit Accumulator - Self Developed Odds Matching Software

Odds Matchings Software from Profit Accumulator


Accumulator Software

When it came out, Profit Accumulator’s Accumulator software was revolutionary. It compares tens of thousands of accumulator bets, pre-filtered to qualify for valuable accumulator refund offers. Unlike other software, it only shows you accumulators that are eligible for refunds and therefore have value. It literally builds THOUSANDS of accumulators for you.

This tool can make you significant profits on its own. It’s intuitive to use, looks great, works wonders and makes bank.

Profit Accumulator - ACCA Software for Matched Bettors

By using Accumulator Software you can easily make profits of £1,000 per month.

The EV shows you the estimated value from each ACCA. That’s £14.82 profit by placing just one accumulator. Imagine placing ten of these each day…!


Sequential Lay bets with ACCA - ACCA software in action

You can save the ACCAs you’ve placed, and the Accumulator Software will keep you right throughout


Accumulator Software
With Profit Accumulator


Matched Bet Calculator

Like our own Bet Calculator, Profit Accumulator have integrated their own calculator into the Odds Matching software:

Match Bet Calculator from Profit Accumulator

Matched Betting Calculator from Profit Accumulator

As you can see it’s feature rich and has many bells and whistles! The great thing is that when you click the visit bookie / exchange website, the links will take you directly the retrospective game / market. This will save you a lot of time.


Match Catcher

Profit Accumulator’s Match Catcher software is something that no other matched betting website can offer. It has lightning fast update speeds, which makes it perfect for use with horse racing refunds. Most odds comparison software takes several minutes to update, which makes it practically useless for horse racing offers. Match Catcher is different. It updates in less than 30 seconds, making it far more practical for horse racing refunds.

It even lets you set alerts when a close match is found that matches your criteria, and tells you what your lay stake is right there in the results; so you don’t need a separate calculator.

Profit Tracker

The Profit Tracker is a cool new feature. It lets you store data from the calculator into your Profit Accumulator acconut, enabling you to keep track of how much profit you’re making.. without the need for a separate spreadsheet. It’s very easy to use and it really does save you time.

Summary of Profit Accumulator

  • The amount of experience you can draw from the forum is outstanding
  • Motivated people always around you
  • Many videos for different matched betting methods
  • The most popular matched betting service
  • 7 day a week customer support, via email, phone and the forum
  • Everything fully explained in detail
  • Revolutionary accumulator and horse racing software


  • Slightly more expensive on the monthly plan



In conclusion, and it is our personal opinion, Profit Accumulator are the ultimate pioneers for the matched betting industry. The main selling point we feel for Profit Accumulator is the forum. Being able to tap into so much matched betting knowledge and experience is invaluable. And the great thing is that it’s constantly buzzing with activity.

Matched betting is all about working from home and Profit Accumulator help facilitate this better than any other service. Have a read of how to make money at Profit Accumulator to get an even better understanding.

Affiliate disclosure: Some of the links on this site are affiliated with the companies I’m reviewing, which means that I may earn a commission if you click on the link or make a purchase using the link. It’s how I manage to keep the site running. Rest assured though, I only promote and products that I have used myself and I personally recommend.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Interested in signing up for Profit Accumulator? Not only do they have a basic free trial service with limited access, but they do also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

We simply can’t stress how much useful the forum and community can be over at Profit Accumulator. Their subscription is literally worth every penny, and some!


Profit Accumulator
Profit Accumulator Review
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Written by: Glenn
Date Published: 18/04/2018
I would highly recommend Profit Accumulator as the best matched betting service out there.
10 / 10 stars