Week 1 – Summary

Match Betting - Week 1 Summary - Making profits at home with matched betting centre

Match Betting – Week 1 Summary

Well, that is the first week finally over. And you should have already made just under £170 from seven sign up offers! Not bad for a few hours work from match betting. By now we’re sure you’re slowly getting the hang of how we can cash out the bonuses the bookmakers have to offer.

Week 2 – What’s to Come

Next week, we will continue with more signups where you should make another £300. In addition to this, we shall discuss briefly some more match betting concepts. You will place your first risk free bet, and how to guarantee profit from these.

We will also start preparing your William Hill, Ladbrokes and SkyBet account to take advantage of the reload offers. These bookmakers are quite profitable long term for match betting. William Hill and Ladbrokes have pretty good accumulator refunds, whilst SkyBet have their bet club. All three of these bookmakers also offer pretty good casino bonuses as well.

In the meantime, please check out our forum for what others are doing at the moment. Should you have any questions, this is a great place to start where you find our team and regular members talking about offers at literally every hour of the day!