Mug Accumulator Bet – 4 Leg Example

A four legged mug accumulator bet. Looking muggy on your accumulator accounts, it also prepares your accounts for ACCA refunds

This Mug Accumulator Bet will have you ready to tackle the accumulator refunds

Mug Accumulator Bet – 4 Legged ACCA

OK, so this will be the last mug ACCA bet you will undertake on your training journey (we promise!). It may seem a slight overkill, but it really is essential you feel comfortable with laying off legs on accumulators. Moreover when you start placing qualifying ACCAs at legs of 5 or more, you will feel right at home.

In this session, we shall place an accumulator exactly as we have done before, this time we shall open an account with Jennings Bet. Unfortunately they do not have a sign up bonus but they do have a really good regular ACCA refund promotion which we will benefit from regularly.

Placing the Mug ACCA Bet

Download the 4 legged ACCA spreadsheet here, and open an account with Jennings Bet here. We would suggest your first ACCA mug bet to be in the region of £25 – £35.

You should open up the odds matching page and find four close matches with odds less than 1.5. The lower the better. Also, please ensure that you have enough time between each leg to lay off each event, we would again recommend three hours. Populate the spreadsheet with your selections, place the four fold accumulator with Jennings Bet, and lay off your first leg. You should then keep laying off each leg until you hit a loser or the whole ACCA wins.