Accumulator Refund Tutorial – Qualifying Bet

Qualifying Accumulator Bet with Training - ACCA Tips and Advice

Accumulator Qualifying Bet – Training

Placing a Qualifying Accumulator Bet

Hopefully after a few mug ACCA bets, you should now be ready to fire ahead with your first ACCA bet qualifying for a refund. In this session, we shall try one with William Hill. We would suggest a bet amount for around £15 – £25 as a first attempt.

Download the full Matched Betting Centre ACCA Template spreadsheet.

When placing an accumulator bet with a refund attached like this, you should operate as you have done before. However this time when you hit a losing leg you should keep laying off until you hit two losing legs, or until the whole ACCA wins. This is because when you hit just one losing leg, instead of laying off against the whole ACCA, you are then laying off against the ACCA refund.


Finding an ACCA Bet with William Hill

First of all, you need to open up the Odds Matching software and find 6 close matches with odds as low as possible (all less than 1.5). Also bearing in mind to keep enough time between legs to lay them off one by one. Populate the spreadsheet with your selections which should then display your qualifying loss. You will note on the bottom of the spreadsheet there is a bonus section. This is for William Hill only, who pay an extra 10% winnings on accumulators should the bet win. This is quite useful as it reduces our qualifying loss on the bet.

Another thing to watch out for is that the qualifying loss should be as low as possible, and it should be suggested that you should try and find selections which gives a qualifying of less than 20%. This means for a £25 bet, you should be aiming for a qualifying loss of less than £5. For bets of £50, you should be aiming for qualifying losses of £10. Don’t worry too much about the qualifying loss as you should make money on all of your refunds regardless.

With your spreadsheet now populated, you should then make sure you have enough money in the exchange to lay off the whole ACCA should all legs win (roughly equal to the ACCA winnings displayed at the top of the spreadsheet). On the William Hill website, you should find and select each team you are backing on your accumulator which brings up the betting slip on the right hand side. Scroll to the Accumulators / Multiples selection and place your back bet in the Accumulators (6) box.


Laying off each leg of the Qualifying Accumulator Bet

Now you should lay off the first leg at the Exchange and wait for the first match to finish. If it wins, place “W” in the result column, if it loses, place “L” in the result column. You should then update the spreadsheet with the lay odds for the second match (if they have changed), then lay off the recommended lay stake. Keep doing this until you either hit two losing legs or the whole ACCA wins. If the ACCA completes with just one losing leg, you will have made a small loss on the ACCA, however, the bookmaker will give you a refund equal to the back stake, which then you can use to cash out your profit.

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