Accumulators for Free Bets

Using your free bets on accumulators can result in higher matched betting profits. This is because higher odds can be spread over a number of legs

Placing Free Bets on Accumulators can result in Higher Match Betting Profits.

Using your Free Bets on Accumulators

You’ve probably already recognised that with a free bet, the higher the odds you’re backing, the more profit is gained. The only problem here, is that bookmakers can see that you are taking more value. For example, if your qualifying bets and mug bets are usually at low odds, but your free bets are at high odds (such as horses), you may find that your accounts may become restricted.

One way to get around this problem is by placing your free bets on accumulators. This has an added bonus of making even more money.

For this example you will need a free bet to play with. If you do not have a free bet at this moment, skip this exercise until you have one available.


Example of Free Bet ACCA

As a quick example, by placing an accumulator on two matches with odds of 3.0 each, this will take your total back odds to 9.0 (3.0 x 3.0). This would be a good back odds figure for a free bet. Even better it will seem much more “muggy” to the bookmaker. You can even mix sports, such as horses and football matches with your free bet accumulator. One thing to be careful of is that ACCAs can require a lot of liability. Always make sure you have at least the ACCA winnings in your exchange before placing an accumulator bet.

This training session will show you how to profit from a free bet using an accumulator. Again, we will use the same style spreadsheet as we have done before. Download the free bet ACCA Spreadsheet here.

Example – £25 Free Bet

The principle of using free bets on ACCAs is pretty much the same as the mug ACCAs you have done previously, and that is to keep laying off until you hit a losing leg, or your ACCA wins. The spreadsheet will calculate your appropriate lay stakes and will also calculate your profits.

For this example, you will need to load up the odds matching software, select the bookmaker for whom you’ll be placing the free bet with, and search for close matches with odds that have a minimum of 2.5. In our example, we have gone for two draws using a £25 free bet from William Hill. We have also kept this simple by only choosing 2 legs. You can choose 3 or more if you feel comfortable, but we would suggest just the 2 legs, again for simplicity. Remember when laying off any ACCA, the events must be at least three hours of them being played so we can lay them off one by one.

Free Bet ACCA in practice

In our example, we had opted for two draws for odds around 3.3, the combined odds come to 11.21. This is very good for using a free bet. We then find the two selections as normal with the bookmaker, and add both events to the bet slip. We then place the bet using the free bet we have in our account (this might involve clicking a box to select your free bet). Once the free bet has been placed with the bookmaker, we then need to lay off the first leg as recommended.

Lay off the Free Bet Accumulator

Place the lay bet and wait for the result on the first leg. If the first leg loses, we are done with this ACCA and you will have made the profit as shown on the sheet. If the first leg wins, enter “W” in the result column. Then find the next leg at the exchange, update the lay odds if they have changed. Finally lay off the second leg using the recommended lay stake. Whether the second leg wins or loses, you have locked in the same profit no matter what the result. It’s simply a matter at this time of where your profit and money has ended up at.

With our free bet accumulator, you can see with our selection, we had earned a total profit of £21.49. From a £25.00 free bet this is more than 85% value. If we placed the same bet as we would have done normally on a single bet with odds at 5.5 to back, with 5.7 to lay, our profit would have only been £19.39. This means we have generated an extra £2.00 from our free bet. It may appear to be a small difference, take a moment to think about the amount of free bets you will be receiving… All of those extra £2’s can easily build up to an extra £250 by the end of the month.



Using your free bets on accumulators will generate at least 80% return. It is not impossible to get more value than this, but it does require catching some closer or even higher odds on your accumulator. 85% is a good target whilst 90% is also very achievable. 95% is also not uncommon. Remember not to choose really high odds as you will need a higher liability in the exchange. Using your free bets on accumulators should be standard from this point forward. They go a long way to stop your account from being gubbed by the bookmakers.

Last of the ACCA training for this week. Don’t forget to keep mugging your earlier accounts from weeks 1 and 2 as we will soon be coming back to these and making some money from the regular offers these bookmakers offer.

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