Accumulators – 3 Legged Example

Accumulator Mug Bet - An example of a three legged mug ACCA bet.

Accumulator Mug Bet – More ACCA Training

Accumulator Mug Betting – Further Training

We’ve already covered the huge potential of accumulators (ACCAs), so we shall keep this tutorial as simple as we can.

For this exercise we are simply adding on a third leg to the ACCA mug bet. With this accumulator mug bet, we will make a small loss with this bet as no bonus will be attached. But fear not, next week we shall complete an ACCA with a refund attached. From that point on you should be making money on every ACCA that you do. It is also worthwhile making a suggestion that you should use Smarkets as an exchange for accumulators. Their lower commission of 2% can help reducing your qualifying losses. This will therefore increase your profits.


Accumulator Mug Bet – Spreadsheet

First things first, download the 3 leg mug spreadsheet. This is the same as before, but with the addition of a third leg.

For this example, we shall place an accumulator with Paddy Power. We would advise a back stake of somewhere between £20 and £30 as before. Open up the odds matching software and find three good matches with close odds lower than 1.5. Occurring more than three hours from each other. This will give you enough time to lay off each leg as the results come in. Sometimes it is easier to find better odds closer to the weekend when lots of football matches are taking place at different times.

Placing the ACCA mug bet

Once you’ve found three selections, enter the details into the spreadsheet. You should be aiming for a loss less than £2.00. If you are happy with your selection, select the three events in Paddy Power and place your bet as a treble. Next you need to lay off your first leg in accordance with the suggested lay stake column.

We then wait for the first leg to finish; if it loses, the ACCA mug bet is “dead” and we do not need to lay off anymore legs. If the first leg won, we need to lay off the second leg. Make sure the lay odds on the spreadsheet agree with the exchange, if they have changed, update the spreadsheet.

Now lay off the second leg using the suggested lay stake amount. Again, wait for the second match to finish, if it loses, we stop laying off as the ACCA is dead, if it wins, we need to lay off the third match, checking the lays odds again

If the last leg wins, we would have won the ACCA bet with the bookie, but lost the same overall in the exchange, If the last leg loses, we will have lost our bet at the bookmaker, but gained a similar amount in the exchange.

To put this across in a different manner, we need to lay off each leg until we either hit a losing leg, or all legs win. As soon as we hit a losing leg, we stop laying off.


Accumulator Mug Bet – Summary

Like with mug bets, you should put the odd ACCA on here and there, especially with Paddy Power and William Hill. These have they offer good accumulator refund offers. Placing accumulator mug bets will also greatly help your account from not being gubbed. Later in this week we also shall show you how to use ACCAs for free bets which can increase the amount of profit you can get back from free bets. But for this session, enough on ACCAs and let’s carry on with another sign up offer!