Seaniemac – Sign Up – Lose £10 get £5

seaniemacOffer: Lose £10, get £5 free bet
Qualifying Bet: Must lose to receive free bet
Minimum odds:2.0
Free Bet: Credited within 24 hours
Time required: 15 minutes
You will only make a profit if your first bet looses
Note: This is part of Boylesport



Open up the oddsmatching page and to find a good match for your qualifying bet, the minimum odds should be 2.0

Using the bet calculator, select Normal
Enter a back stake of £10
Enter the bookmaker back odds
Enter the lay odds
Enter the lay commission.

If the best wins you have not made a profit and are done with this offer

Free Bet

Seaniemac will credit your account within 24hours. Like with all free bets, to maximise value we should be looking for high odds, 4-7 is recommended, but remember the higher the odds, the more money you will need in the exchange to cover the liability.

Open up the odds matching software and find a good match for your free bet
Open up the calculator, select Free Bet (SNR).
Enter a back stake of £5
Enter the back odds
Enter the lay odds
Enter the lay commission

Place the free bet at Seaniemac and the lay stake with the exchange.

The calculator will show the profit you will make from this free bet. If you have found a good match at high odds, you should make a total profit of around £3.50