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Dragon Fish Bingo – 7 Offers

In this section there is 7 bingo who all use the same software. We recommend you complete one offer withdraw any profits and wait until the money hits your bank before attempting another.

If we process more our accounts could be closed and any money withheld. Bingo offers are not risk free and potentially we could lose our deposit, however can be very profitable in the long run.

The best times to complete these offers are between 1pm-5pm, we would not advise to attempt at peak times. The best ways to do these offers are to open your account with the recommended amount once received your bonus.

Try to use your credit as quickly as possible to ensure you use all your bonus money, max buy tickets in as many bingo rooms as possible.

If you start winning and still have bonus credit available stop buying tickets, as the cost will come out of you cash not your bonus.

We would advise you stay away from Jackpot rooms or rooms with very high stakes as these will reduce your chances of winning. Any money won from bingo tickets will automatically be withdrawable.

If you have bonus credit left and try to withdraw you will be forfeiting the bonus (That’s Fine). Most bingo sites have a minimum withdrawal of £30, if you have not made this redeposit so you meet withdrawal requirements. (E.g. you have won £20 you would need to deposit a further £10.)

Here are a list of offers available with the recommended deposit amount. I would suggest you do these in order of top to bottom.

Dragonfish Offers