Spreadsheets & Tools

Blackjack Strategy Calculator – Strategy for maximising returns when performing blackjack offers

Open Office Application – Free Spreadsheet application

Matched Betting Spreadsheet – Spreadsheet to help you keep track of your bets

Tricky Bet Calculator – Useful when you have unmatched lay bets

Flash Scores – A page that shows all of the daily football results, with fast updates

Common questions raised by matched bettors:

How do I get started?

Go on to the dashboard section of MatchedBettingCentre.com and select “Training”, on this page you will see how your first 4 weeks of making some regular risk free cash will commence. Simply click on week one which will guide you on your way to making some risk free money.

I already have some bookmaker accounts, is this still for me?

Yes, whether you have zero book maker accounts at the moment or 100 this will still work for you. We use the welcome sign up offers to get you on your way to making regular free cash and we then use the regular offers from bookmakers on an ongoing basis to make your regular cash. We had no problems making regular cash every month after the sign up offers and you can do the same from the start if you need to. All you need to do is simply go through the training from week one, make cash from the welcome offers of bookmakers you do not currently have accounts with and check out Oddsmonkey for regular reloads. We will train you on everything Match Betting related.

Will it cost me anything to get started?

The minimum you can start with is £60 for the opening welcome offer which will then build up as you go through the offers. This can get you comfortably on your way to regular cash, however, if you have more spare cash then you can do multiple offers at the same time and also do some of the bigger offers to earn more cash.

We encourage you to save the regular cash your making to use for future offers until you have £4000-£5000 in your bank. This could take a while, however it will make sure that you have enough to make the most of every offer available to maximise the cash you will make.

When you refer to “liability” when laying bets off, what do you mean?

When we mention Liability, it is the amount of money you need in your Exchange account to cover your lay bet. Our calculator will tell you what the lay amount is and when you put this in your Exchange, it will immediately populate your liability and if the bet loses on the Exchange, you lose the liability amount, but you win with the bookmaker. If your lay bet wins on the Exchange you will have the liability returned with the stake amount. For further information please click on this link: Laying your bets with the Exchange sites.

How do I convert my odds from fractional to decimal?

Almost every bookmaker will give you the option to display the odds as decimals. Sometimes it is located at the side of the page or in your account options. You can also do this by using the Trickybet Odds Converter.
You can even do it with a calculator, just divide the first number by the second number, and then add 1. Here is an example – the fractional odds are 2/1, you do 2 divided by 2 (=1), plus 1, which gets your decimal odds of 2.

What does it mean when you refer to an Arb?

This is a bet that can make a profit with no bonus involved. It occurs when the exchange lay odds are lower than the bookmaker back odds. On the oddsmatching software, this is a bet with a rating of 100 or higher, we would not recommend placing any of these bets as the bookmakers may notice and restrict your account.

What is it a Mug Bet and why do we do them?

A mug bet is something we do in order to make sure you continue to receive free bets from the bookmakers. All you need to do is place a bet with the bookmaker and lay the bet off as a ‘normal’ bet when using the calculator, it is always good to chose a popular team or event  as this will make you seem like a normal gambler. This is something you will need to do when you are making regular cash from the ongoing offers.

What Is Skrill?

Skrill is similar to PayPal, it provides a much faster way of making your withdrawals from Bookmaker accounts. It is much faster  and usually the transaction is complete on the same day as you make the request. This can allow you to switch your money between bookmakers to use for different offers to make more cash. Although Skrill is fast and convenient, they also charge a fee of around £1.75.  If you choose this option, make sure you do not use Skrill for your first deposit into a bookmaker as many will not give you free bets or bonuses if you use this method. If unsure, read the T&C’s.

What Is Wagering?

If you get a bonus or some winnings made through a bonus it may state you need to ‘wager’ it once on slots etc, this means you have to play through the amount. For example if you were to receive a £10 casino bonus and the wagering is ten times, this would mean you would have to play through a total of £100 before the initial bonus can be withdrawn.