Horse Racing Refund Guide

Horse Racing Refunds - Another way to make money from Matched Betting - Back and lay a qualifying horse, and if it comes in second, receive a free bet

Horse Racing Refunds – Free Bets for 2nd place

Horse Racing Refunds – 2nd / 3rd Places

The most common method of making profit from Horse Racing refunds is when you will place a bet on one of the live horse races on Channel 4 and if your horse finishes 2nd (sometimes 2nd, 3rd or 4th), you receive a free bet (up to the value of your stake, normally £25-£50depending on the bookmaker).

Another method to profit from horse racing offers is with Bet365. They will offer you a risk free bet up to £50 if you back a winner at odds of 5.0 or more in selected races live on Channel 4.

How to Convert Horse Racing Refunds into Pure Profit

Method 1 – 2nd / 3rd / 4th Place Refunds

For the first and most common method, you will receive a refund as a refund if your horse finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th. The number of places refunded is stated by the bookmaker. It is usual just to receive a 2nd place refund. But even 3rd and 4th and even more are not unheard of.

We would simply back a horse and lay off in the normal way, finding close odds. Try to keep your qualifying loss to a minimum of £2 for the chance of a free £25 bet. Or £4 loss for the chance of a free £50 bet. Look for odds of no higher than 10.0. The chances of a horse finishing 2nd would be quite high for a horse with odds of 10.0 or more, and probably not worth going for.

You would then simply hope that your horse finished 2nd (or 3rd / 4th etc.). If if finishes second, place the free bet and lay it off as you would a normal free bet (Free Bet SNR) to make a profit of around £20 (£25 free bet) or £40 (£50 free bet).

Method 2 – Free Bet on 1st Place

For the Bet365 £50 offer we would look to make a profit in a similar way. Find a horse in a qualifying race with odds of 5.0 or greater (again try to keep below 9.0 as we want the horse to win for this offer), lay the bet off as normal whilst trying to keep your loss down to £4. This applies to certain races only, usually occurring twice each day.

If your horse wins, you would then be given a risk free bet up to £50 on the next race. Remember this is a risk free bet, not a free bet. You would lay this bet off as Free Bet SNR on the calculator to make around £40 profit. Another great thing is that if your risk free bet wins, you still make the profit but are then given another risk free bet on the next race, this continues until you lose.