Is it Just Plain Gambling?

Eliminating the Gambling Element

Some people think matched betting is just plain gambling and you could lose money, this is absolutely not the case. In typical betting, a person would bet on the outcome of a bet, i.e. for England to win the Euro 2016, their original stake is at risk. Matched bettors however, cover all outcomes. An example is for a bet to be placed for England to win and another bet to be placed on an exchange for England not to win. That’s all there is to it for matched betting. It’s covering all outcomes to unlock the risk free bet that the bookmakers promote. It essentially cuts out the gambling element completely.

The great thing about matched betting is one simple fact, it’s completely risk free. It really does not matter what actually happens in the football match, the horse race or whatever you’re betting on. As long as you’ve covered all outcomes, you’re making profit every time you place a bet.

Matched Betting Tutorials

Here at Regular Refunds, we have a huge list of matched betting tutorials. These will show you exactly how to cash out the offers, step by step. Whilst working through the guides, we also have an Odds Matching utility that ensures you get the best value when placing the bets. The tutorials will show you the different types of bets and offers you will likely see. Moreover, by the time you complete week 4, you will be at least £1,000 better off. You will also find yourself well prepared to make similar amounts each month going forward.

Finally, and referring back to the original topic of gambling, typical gamblers get a “buzz” when they hit a win. The buzz for matched bettors is from making so much money, in so little time..

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