How Oddsmonkey copy Offers Profit Accumulator

Whether you’re new to matched betting or have been here a while, you’ll be aware of the two major players in the matched betting scene: Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey.

Whilst Profit Accumulator is still the most popular by far with over 20,000 members, both have a loyal following. It’s often heavily debated who provides the better service and some resort to backhand tactics to support their opinion.

Straight Up Copying

We appreciate all bookmaker offers are free game. Occasionally there are offers specific to certain customers, but for the most part any member of either matched betting site has access to them. Both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey have a reputation to uphold – that they are at the forefront of the matched betting service scene, and, as such, must act accordingly.

Three weeks ago we first noticed how suspiciously close the same offer was being posted on Oddsmonkey after it appeared on Profit Accumulator. Profit Accumulator have a large offers team of around four full time staff who are constantly crawling through bookmakers, casinos and bingo sites to bring their members the best offers. When you visit their website you can be 100% certain that the offers listed are the best available at that time – that’s one of the many reasons why we recommend them. We’re going to show you now how Oddsmonkey are always playing catchup, and as a result simply stoop to copying the offers posted on Profit Accumulator without doing their own research and finding offers themselves. As a result, this can never lead to Oddsmonkey having more, or better, offers than Profit Accumulator.

Undeniable Proof


We’ve been collecting proof of this over the last couple of weeks. On further checks we noticed the copying goes back months. We just want to state that all screenshots were taken at the same time with both examples open on separate tabs simultaneously to demonstrate how close the timings really are.

Example 1

Posted on Profit Accumulator forum 1 hour before the screenshot was taken.

Then the same offers added to Oddsmonkey 54 minutes after they were posted on Profit Accumulator.

Example 2

Offer posted on Profit Accumulator 17 hours before the screenshot was taken.

Exact same offer posted by Oddsmonkey one hour after Profit Accumulator posted theirs.

Example 3

Offer posted by PA staff on their forum one hour before the screenshot was taken.

Yet again, the same offer posted on Oddsmonkey 25 minutes after it was posted on Profit Accumulator.

Example 4

This one is just plain funny. Profit Accumulator posted details of an offer using a phrase that was originally coined by one of their Offers Team.

Oddsmonkey have then simply copied and pasted the entire sentence onto their website without even changing the wording! You couldn’t make it up.

Example 5

This is the most recent example we’ve came across and also one of the worst. Profit Accumulator have posted a Golf Extra Places Offer 6 minutes before the screenshot was taken.

Oddsmonkey have then copied and pasted it word for word onto their website.

So, there it is!

This is just 5 of many examples to illustrate the point.

We understand people are entitled to their opinions and are free to choose whichever matched betting service they wish. However, those who say Oddsmonkey have the better offers? Well, they’re just plain wrong.

This has to call into question the reputation of Oddsmonkey and whether or not they are a legitimate service. If the job of their so-called “offers team” is simply to copy and paste offers from Profit Accumulator then how can they be considered reputable (side note: I want that job)? The copying is so blatant it can’t be refused.

We think you should consider this closely when deciding which company to go with. It just reinforces why we recommend Profit Accumulator.

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