Euro 2016

Perhaps two of our favourite hobbies combined together, watching football and making money. It’s possibly the best thing there this about matched betting. And for this reason we have been eagerly looking forward to this years Euro 2016 competition. Hence there is simply no better time to be involved with matched betting and making yourself some regular risk free cash!

Euro 2016 Offers

Bookmakers are already throwing out free bets to entice new and existing customers to get betting with them. Of course we will use our methods to cash out every single offer risk free!

In terms of offers available, the numbers are staggering. From free £5 bets for every time your selected goal scorer hits the net, to 100% deposit bonuses (up to £200), to risk free casino bonuses. Finally, Bet365 will no doubt be pushing out their awesome £50 risk free offer through the tournament.

At Regular Refunds every single one of these offers we will show you exactly how to cash them out. The process is easy and straight forward with the majority of offers literally taking 5-10 minutes to complete. It’s a simple case of logging in, completing the offers and cashing out the profits!

Get involved today in preparation of the Euro 2016 tournament and make yourself some cash today!

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