Betting exchanges differ in small ways to conventional bookmakers, but to matched bettors, betting exchanges are crucial. Often when you hear people talking of betting exchanges they mention the almighty Betfair. It’s without a doubt the most used exchange – but, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Smarkets was […]

The Most Complete Smarkets Review 2017

Leicester City costing the Bookmakers Millions
Sitting here writing this article, it still doesn’t sound quite right… Leicester City Football Club are the current Premier League Champions. Whilst it has been an epic journey for their loyal fans, the bookmakers have been left with their tails between their legs. They did protect against the risk, albeit extremely small. From […]

How Leicester City FC Cost the Bookmakers Millions

So exactly what is Matched Betting anyway? First of all matched betting is not gambling, money is never at risk at any time, and nothing is left to chance. Matched betting is a term used to describe the method or technique used to make guaranteed profit from bookmaker bonuses without […]

What is Matched Betting?